Sunday, August 26, 2012


Outline: Seven Trumpets - 5
Passage: Revelation 8:13-9:11
Discussion audio (1h)

We continue our journey through the Seven Trumpets of Revelation. The fifth trumpet reveals imagery that both seem frightening and puzzling. Once again placing the descriptions in its proper historical and literary context is crucial to its interpretation.

The key message from this trumpet scene is that Jesus/God is more powerful than any gods (sources of power and security) that this world offers. All who choose to be with the true God will be delivered, but all who place trust in anything else will find that what they thought was safety will return to sting and torment them.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Trumpets–One through Four

Outline: Seven Trumpets - 1-4
Passage: Revelation 8:7-12
Discussion audio (1h16m)

Our discussion enters into the Seven Trumpets proper and this session covers the first four trumpets. We have already noted that trumpets symbolize a call for God to act, to judge, and to deliver. In this session we attempt to bring more clarity into what they mean when applied to this specific sequence of events described by the sounding of the trumpets.

There is a great deal of Old Testament allusions that John assumes his audience already knows and identifies with, and we spend a great deal of time examining a number of those passages. We also spend a few minutes toward the end examining different types of prophetic genres to see where these trumpets fit.

The conclusion is that what John appears to intend for his readers is to see the Church as the new Israel who is currently going through a new Exodus.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scroll and Seals–Silence and Trumpets

Outline: Seven Seals - Silence and Trumpets
Passage: Revelation 8:1-6
Discussion audio (56m)

This discussion concludes the Act of the Seven Seals and the scene of the Temple in Heaven that began in Revelation chapter 4. Suspense has built up as the audience awaits the opening of the scroll. But alas, the audience must wait a little longer because the opening of the seventh seal does not immediately follow with the revelation of the scroll’s contents. Instead the Temple scene continues as trumpets are handed to seven angels and the handing down of judgment appears to begin.

One of the key points that John makes in this transition passage between the seven seals and seven trumpets is once again, the Church is Israel. John continues to transfer the typology found in the Hebrew temple rituals to what Jesus is doing in the Temple of Heaven. Implied by this transfer is all of the promises and prophecies that were given to Israel and to the Jews are now transferred to the Church.